Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Kate – Jesus lover, worshipper/singer/musician, wife, scrunchy mom, and blogger (duh).

Let me introduce my family. I’m married to the MOST amazing man ever (seriously ladies, be jealous) who truly cherishes me. His name is Tommy. He’s a musician and a thinker – I love that about him! We are parents to the sweetest, cutest, most loving little boys ever. Benjamin is 4, and he is my little tornado. He is the epitome of wild at heart, and he has SUCH a warrior spirit. Lord, help me. Aiden is just about 2, and he has such a gentle and quiet nature but can be extremely silly when he wants to. To watch their love and bond grow is such an amazing thing as a mom.

One day I’d love to add a little girl to the mix. I’ve always wanted a girl, but probably only one. We would also love to adopt or possibly even foster at some point.

This blog is to catalog our journey into natural wellness & living, and to share that journey with you in the hopes that it helps you too. Plus, I share some of my favorite DIY’s and recipes, and various products I find helpful. Hopefully you find them helpful too. Please share, like, and comment. Your support is greatly appreciated!