It’s been on my mind for a while, starting a new blog. I’ve started blogs before, and they always fizzled out in a fairly short time frame. But those were always blogs full of teen angst and random thoughts – there was no focus, no purpose to the blog. 

This time is different. This time I have a focus and a purpose for a blog. Musings about motherhood. Sharing our natural health journey. And living life to the fullest – finding your purpose and living your dreams. So with these as my focus, I have a direction to take this thing, and I’m excited to share it with you! So with that…

I love this image I found recently, shared by someone I follow on social media. Each flower is unique and beautiful in its own way, as is each person. You have your own unique traits, passions, strengths, and talents. You were made this way for a reason and a purpose. Live to those strengths and bloom. Don’t look to the others around you to see how you compare, because the world doesn’t need another one of them, it needs YOU. So bloom.

Keep on sparkling.

-sparkle and sage


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