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Ahhh-mazing DIY Charcoal Clay Mask (and recipe)

Last night I had some friends over for a DIY party. I never realized how much I enjoy DIY’s until I started having DIY parties. I always intend on doing this DIY or that one, but I never seem to get around to doing them (let’s just add it to the list, shall we?). So naturally, a DIY party is the perfect way for me to get a couple of recipes done and share the fun with some friends.I’ve done a lot of little DIY’s over the past 2 years doing these (hello relaxing bath bombs), but I have to say that right now the charcoal clay mask is my favorite. Don’t worry, I’ll share some of the other recipes I have done in future posts, but I just had to share this one with you all as soon as possible, because let’s face it – I’m obsessed. Ever since dealing with cystic acne after my first pregnancy, I am pretty passionate about skin health so this recipe was right up my alley!


This mask was incredibly easy to make. It’s not like the horror videos you see with girls practically tearing their skin off, laugh-crying, and screaming in agony. Nope, this is a simple wash-off mask that sits on your skin for about 30 minutes.

The three main ingredients of the mask are apple cider vinegar (ACV), activated charcoal, bentonite clay. I add a few different skin-supporting essential oils to the mix as well. The oils are not necessary but are a wonderful addition.

ACV is really great for all sorts of health benefits such as alkalizing the body, aiding in regular blood sugar levels, supporting normal cholesterol levels, etc. I try to drink a tablespoon daily in some water with lemon – try being the key word. Hey, I’m a mom. I’m allowed to forget some things, amiright? Anyway, ACV benefits the skin as well. It can help reduce age spots, aid in fighting acne and blemishes, balance the skin, support younger looking skin, and help remove toxins from your face.

Activated charcoal is another great one for health. It helps draw bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and micro-particles to the surface to be washed away. You can imagine how this would help with acne and supporting radiant skin.

Bentonite clay aids in healing and reducing inflammation in the skin. It helps lighten acne marks and aid in reducing redness. The clay does make this mask harden fairly quickly, so be warned you won’t be able to talk or eat during this time. And maybe don’t make the same mistake I did and not tell your family you’re using the mask. When you see their reactions and want to laugh, it messes up the whole effect. So plan to find yourself a good book and settle down for the next 30 minutes.


The three essential oils I add are frankincense, tea tree, and rosemary. These oils are AAAHHHH-mazing for skin and really make the mask that much better. Frankincense is definitely my ALL. TIME. FAVORITE. oil for my skin. I apply it every morning before moisturizing and I have noticed an extraordinary difference in the appearance of my skin since including this in my regimen. I also use tea tree every night to support clear skin. Rosemary was a somewhat new skin oil for me with this recipe, but I already knew it was great for healthy hair so why wouldn’t it be great for skin? (Do a quick Google search to read about some of the skin-loving benefits of these essential oils and you will know why you NEED them in your mask!)


I personally use Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils, because of their high quality and purity standards. If you’re looking to get some oils and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend checking them out. I can answer any questions you have – or go ahead and click here and I would be more than happy to help you get started.

The first time I tried the mask on myself was a new experience. Let me explain how it works so you’re not as surprised as I was (ha). First of all, vinegar is part of the recipe so of course that smell just takes over.


I applied it to my skin with the back a small wooden spoon – easy enough. Almost immediately, I felt the mask going to work. It didn’t take long to harden – so like I said, plan to sit down with a good book for about 20-30 minutes. 10-15 minutes in, I could almost feel my face pulsing. This mask increases circulation in the skin, and WOW I could feel it! After 30 minutes, I washed it off. It takes a few minutes to get all of the mask off – plan to use warm to hot water and a soft washcloth.

When the mask is removed, your skin is going to be RED. Don’t be alarmed – like I said, the mask increases circulation in the skin so it’s to be expected. I recommend either using a very gentle toner to soothe and balance your skin’s pH or spritzing on some rose-water. I didn’t have rose-water, so I used Young Living’s ART refreshing toner. It’s super gentle and so soothing and cooling. It felt so wonderful on my post-mask skin! After a few minutes, the redness fades and you’re left with the. most. radiant. skin. ever!

So – are you ready for the recipe?!


GREAT! Because here it is.


Charcoal Clay Mask

  • You will need a small glass jar and a small wooden or metal spoon. Do not use plastic.
  • 2 tsp bentonite clay (I used Now Solutions)
  • 2 tsp activated charcoal. I used Nature’s Way which comes in capsules. I measured it out to be about 4 – 4.5 capsules per tsp, so 8-9 capsules should do it.
  • 4 tsp ACV. I got mine from Trader Joe’s but you can find that practically anywhere. Just make sure it’s
  • 4 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 2 drops rosemary essential oilIMG_1141


  • Add dry ingredients to jar and stir. The clay tends to clump up once the vinegar is added, so the charcoal blends easier if you already have it mixed in with the clay.
  • Drop essential oils into the dry ingredients in the jar and stir again
  • Add ACV and stir until smooth.
  • Apply and enjoy!

This recipe makes for about 2-3 applications depending on how much you use, so make sure you seal it up and save it for next time. Apply weekly for beautiful and radiant skin.

Hint: This recipe can also be used as a detox mask for under your arms. You can use this weekly with your face mask.

I would love to hear what you think about this recipe if you try it, so comment below your thoughts!

Keep on sparkling, friends. ❤



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