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Natural Product Review: Salt Crystal Deodorant

Deodorant. It’s kind of a must here in the South. Like seriously, I used to work at a bank and people would stand in my teller window with all kinds of stank up in there. Holla if you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway – the problem with traditional deodorant featured on television commercials and on the prominent shelves in the grocery stores is that they are filled with chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and – if it’s an anti-perspirant – aluminum. What’s so bad about aluminum – or really any of these things?

Well for starters, your skin is the largest organ in your body. Not only that, but it is porous, so it absorbs pretty much anything you put on it. Even the CDC agrees with this. In fact, according to their website:

Studies show that absorption of chemicals through the skin can occur without being noticed by the worker, and in some cases, may represent the most significant exposure pathway. Many commonly used chemicals in the workplace could potentially result in systemic toxicity if they penetrate through the skin (i.e. pesticides, organic solvents). These chemicals enter the blood stream and cause health problems away from the site of entry.

Sure, we’re not talking about the workplace here. But your skin is absorbing whatever it is exposed to all day long. The body has a filtration system, but when you are applying synthetics and chemicals all day, every day via makeup, lotion, skin care, soaps, chemical cleaners, deodorants, the list goes on – it’s no wonder people are getting so sick. It’s no wonder cancer is on the rise. There are plenty of articles and press releases stating there are no proven links between deodorant, the chemicals in them, and these diseases. But there have never been any long term studies to be able to prove or disprove the ingredients being linked to health issues. And when the companies who make these products have lobbyists and money working for them, well…you get the idea.

Honestly, it’s a huge bunny trail, and I could go on and on and provide countless links and information, but I would encourage you to do your own research. One resource I suggest is called the ThinkDirty app. I think it’s awesome, because I’m able to scan barcodes of all kinds of personal care and cleaning products in my home or in the store, and it provides me with a rating on the clean/dirty scale of 1-10 (1 being cleanest/safest and 10 being super dirty and chemical-filled). It lists the ingredients that led to the rating, and provides information on those ingredients. You can also take those ingredients and do some research on the effects of those ingredients on the body. No matter how small the amounts are, applying them to your body day in and day out cannot be good for your long term health. Not to mention there are lymph nodes right where your deodorant goes, and clogging that system with junk is NOT good for you for obvious reasons.

I digress.

I recently did a ThinkDirty search for the deodorants my husband and I used to use. Aaaand of course, they’re dirty as all getout.  (Click here to download the app if you don’t have it yet, and go scan all the things!).



About a year or two ago, I started trying to find a natural alternative for deodorant. I tried a few different natural options, and was never 100% thrilled. One deodorant had me regretting my decision within an hour. Some are definitely better than others – don’t get me wrong. I’ve found several natural deodorants that I like and have worked well for me. But usually I would end up smelling myself by the end of the day, and even if others can’t smell me, the self-consciousness would have me keeping my arms glued to my side (just being honest!).

So maybe I’m a little late to the game on finding this one, but for those of you who might be late along with me: introducing salt crystal deodorant!


This new deodorant was unique to anything else I had tried before, and definitely confused me at first. It’s basically a hunk of salt inside of a plastic case. It’s rounded and smoothed for it to be rolled on – nothing more. The salt applied on your skin creates a barrier between yourself and stinky bacteria. I wasn’t really sure it would work and was pretty much prepared for it NOT to work. In fact, it took a few days for me to figure out HOW to use it, so for those days it really didn’t work. The instructions state to wet the salt and then roll it on the skin – problem was that the water just slid right off the salt and left it dry again. Like I said, it took a few days for it to click.

Now that I’ve got it figured out, I’m here to say that it does in fact work, and it works well! First of all, you must have clean underarms for it to work or the barrier is not going to be effective, so I wash under my arms every morning even if I’m not taking a shower. After rinsing the soap off I leave my underarms wet rather than trying to wet the salt, then I remove the lid and roll it right on. After applying, it’s important to leave your arms up for a few minutes to let them dry, or again it will not be effective. So I either go lay on my bed holding my phone above my head and scroll through Facebook for a few minutes, or I awkwardly hold my arms up at an odd angle while I continue getting ready (ha!). It all depends on how much time I have that morning.

It’s been about a week or more of using it effectively, so by this point I know it’s not a fluke. I’ve done the smell test at the end of each day and it definitely works! It’s not like other deodorants in that it does not contain any fragrance which was new to me, but it works SO well in preventing that stank that is so prevalent in the South!

So – if you’re in the market to find something natural that works, I highly recommend checking out a salt crystal deodorant. You can find it at your local health food store for around $5 – I think I spent $4.50 on mine – and it is said to last for an ENTIRE YEAR. What?!

Bonus – I double checked the salt crystal deodorant on ThinkDirty and it was rated 3 for clean. All right!


How about you? Have you found any alternatives you like and enjoy? Share them with me in the comments!

Keep on sparkling, friends (hopefully stank-free)!



2 thoughts on “Natural Product Review: Salt Crystal Deodorant”

  1. I love my salt deodorant. I’ve been using it for a few years and more recently started adding essential oils during application. You’re right, you definitely must let it dry to work.

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