Leota’s Garden and some musings

I’ve been listening to an audiobook recently. It’s a book by Francine Rivers titled Leota’s Garden. I’m a bit of a bookworm…I could probably spend all day and night with my nose in a book. But with my boys and working from home it’s hard to find the time to read, so an audio book has been a nice solution. It doesn’t hurt that Francine Rivers is my favorite author. If you’ve never read anything by Francine Rivers, I highly recommend her books. She is a truly fantastic author, does her research and you can tell she truly invests time in her books to make them the best they can be.

Anyway, I’ve read all of her newest works but there are still a few of the older books I hadn’t read yet, Leota’s Garden being one of them. At first, I thought the book seemed a little simple and predictable, but as time went on I’ve really been getting into it as the story unfolds. It’s a very heartwarming story.

Today, I had the book playing on the drive to drop Benjamin off at school, and one of the characters in the book was telling stories from the Bible to some children that were visiting. The story of creation was told, but it was told in an animated way that made the story come alive. She described how God was all alone, and how He spoke and there was light. He spoke again, and the earth was formed. He spoke again, and land came forth. He spoke, and the oceans teemed with fish. He spoke, and animals came to be on the earth. In all of these things, He spoke.

But then after everything was created, He reached down into the dust. And with His hands, He formed man. Once man was formed, God breathed His own breath into him. Did you catch that? He spoke everything into being – except mankind. When it came to man and woman, God used His own hands and His own breath of life to bring them into existence. There’s meaning in that. Beauty too. It speaks of profound love. Some people say that mankind is merely another species of mammal, barely better than monkeys. They say opposable thumbs and the ability to use logic is what separates us from the animals. But I think it’s more than that, and I think this passage of scripture proves that.

If we were “just another species” in God’s eyes, would He have formed us with His hands? Why wouldn’t He have just spoken us into being like everything else He created? If He is such a big God that cares nothing for us and has no time for our trivial lives, why did He stop in the middle of everything He was creating – His beautiful masterpiece of mountains and valleys, trees, rivers, flowers, sunsets and clouds, every beautiful thing under the sun – why would He create ALL of that with His voice but stop and take the time to form us with His hands? Imagine the detail and time it might have taken. Sure, God could have just lumped some dirt together and breathed on it and out popped a man (and I confess at times I sort of pictured it that way). But thinking about it this way, I like to think He took the time to detail out every stitch. “You knit me together…” brings on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

No, I don’t think the God of the universe just threw mankind together. And I don’t think He cares nothing for us. The things that are important to us, the things we want done “right” are the things we do ourselves – with our own hands – and we take time on those things.

Sure, He is the God of the universe. He is the beginning and the end. But I think that just brings more significance to the Great Romance. It makes His love mean that much more. 

Just my musings for the day.

Keep on sparkling, friends.




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