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Last weekend, we went as a family to our local outdoor museum. It’s kind of like a miniature zoo/animal preserve, with a lot of fun features for kids, a historical farm and house, and an old train caboose. It’s a lot of fun to take the kids – and of course their favorite place is the….playground. Of course – they enjoy seeing the animals and enjoying the walk and the views. But what kid doesn’t love to run and play on a good playground, right?

Anyway – one of the sections contains “birds of prey,” one of which is a vulture. The vulture came right over to us and was eyeing us in a funny way. As we continued along, the vulture hopped on the ground along with us like it was following us. At first I thought it was funny how it was doing this. And then…then I realized it was not just eyeing US, it was eyeing my youngest son in his stroller. All at once, the realization dawned on me that this bird of prey was attempting to prey on my son. Nevermind the fact that it was caged. This bird saw my son as the weak one in the group, the one most easily preyed upon, and wanted him.

It was the oddest feeling and my mama bear instincts all but came out. I wanted to yell at that bird, stomp, do anything I could to scare it away. I realized that would be frowned on (especially since it was caged after all) so I didn’t, but boy did I want to. I told my husband I wanted to get out of there and move on and explained why, so we did.

I never expected feeling that way given that the animal was caged, so it definitely caught me off guard!

How about you? Was there ever a time when “mama bear” wanted to come out that surprised you? Share your stories with me!


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