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I Cleaned the Kitchen Yesterday. Meanwhile…

My mom and I had a conversation yesterday about how a slight tendency towards OCD seems to run in the family. We were discussing how I have been wanting to redecorate my and my husband’s bedroom. I LOVE the color purple, and I have always been interested in decorating the room in it, but my husband wasn’t too interested in that at first. Recently, I mentioned the idea of a purple room to him again, and he said he was OK with it. Insert jumping for joy! (not quite, but you get the idea. I was excited)I found the bedding I had been looking for, and mom had mentioned she would pay me for doing some yard work at the house so I decided to go ahead and get it with that money. After I left Target (because yeah, Target is life. Plus I HAD to see the new Hearth & Hand collection) she and I were talking. I REALLY wanted to get everything else needed to redecorate – curtains, towels and a rug for the bathroom, decorations… get the idea. She totally understood what I meant, because we just can’t do things halfway in my family. Once I start a project of any kind – be it cleaning, decorating, organizing, etc – it really bugs me until I finish it. It has taken some adjusting as a mom, because let’s face it, it’s hard to get things done with kids around.

It seems impossible to keep a clean house. I try, I really do. But I’m a busy mom who stays at home AND works from home for a part time job and a home business, building a blog, takes a preschooler to school 3 days a week and homeschools him the other 2. Yeah, things are a little busy for me. As much as I try to keep up with everything it seems that something always suffers.

When I first started staying home a few months ago, I was totally LOVING the homemaking thing. The house was cleaned every day, dinner was cooked and ready not long after my husband got home, I took the boys to the park regularly, and I got my hours in for work. All was going great – EXCEPT my home business. I had been neglecting that because I never seemed to have time to get to it. Tomorrow, I would think; tomorrow I’ll make sure to devote an hour or two and get some things done. Tomorrow would come and go and I couldn’t get to it.

So recently, I tried to readjust and find a new balance, which seemed to be working at first, until I realized that I was no longer keeping up with the homemaking thing….the house has been REALLY messy lately. Oh boy…here we go. You see, a messy house bugs me. I can’t seem to get away from it, but it really bugs me. I will try to ignore it on those days I just can’t do anything about it but it’s always niggling in the back of my mind. Maybe it’s that little OCD tendency. Maybe it’s “normal.” Whatever it is, I have learned that I am in a much better mood and much more at peace with myself and the world around me when I have a clean house.


Even as I write this, I’m looking around the house observing the mess.

Didn’t I just clean this kitchen yesterday? How is it so messy already?

Whyyyy are there so many clothes/things in the living room right now?

Oh em gee can we just burn it all and get new stuff???


So yesterday, I had some time to clean and went straight to the kitchen. It was bad, and I literally cannot cook in a messy kitchen (maybe an OCD tendency? who knows). Leftovers were gone which meant I had to cook….which meant I had to clean. The boys went and played with their toys in the playroom and left me alone for a while which meant I actually got the cleaning done. Yay!


I went to check on them, and my heart DROPPED. *sigh* Such is mom life, right? I had to take a picture to post on my instagram story, because I knew my mom friends could relate.


Snacks on the floor, toys everywhere, disorganization abounds. Will I EVER have a clean house again?!

I need a maid…


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