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The Best (non-toxic) Cleaner for Everything in Your Home

Before switching to more plant based products, my cabinet under my sink was STUFFED. Full of all sorts of cleaners…window cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, floor cleaner, counter/kitchen cleaner, bathtub cleaner, toilet cleaner, the list goes ON. A few years ago, I purchased an essential oils kit which kicked off my non-toxic & health journey. Not long after getting my kit, I joined the rewards program and in one of my first monthly lifestyle boxes I ordered the Thieves kit. This kit is pretty fantastic in itself, and is exclusive to rewards members because of the incredible value and savings packed into it.

Enter one of my favorite non-essential-oil products: thieves cleaner. This kit came with two bottles of it, and immediately I started using it to try cleaning various things around the house. My husband wasn’t sold on it right away since it didn’t have chemicals like bleach in it (more on that later). Then one day when we were cleaning the kitchen, I accidentally got a boatload of grease on the table – and I really mean a LOT of grease. I didn’t even realize it was there; it was just leftover in a skillet from some meal we had cooked the day before.img_1639-1

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to test out my new thieves cleaner, since I had heard it was a fairly good degreaser. This was a big job – one that would have taken a lot of work to sufficiently degrease the area. I scooped up the grease that I could and tossed it, and then I gave it a good spray down. I let it sit for a moment, wiped it up quickly, and then sprayed it one more time. After wiping it that second time the area was one hundred percent degreased. I was completely shocked and sufficiently sold on it.

From there, my husband and I talked some more about the cleaner and if it was really effective at killing germs – as effective as our bleach-containing cleaners. “What if we are cooking with raw chicken and some gets on the counter? Will it really kill those germs? How do you really know?” It was definitely food for thought and I kept my eye out for research. I had heard the story of the history of the oil blend – four grave-robbing thieves from the 15th century, robbing the dead and dying of their possessions who all the while avoided catching the black plague themselves. Once caught, they were forced to give up their secret recipe of herbs and oils they used to protect themselves. This recipe is the very recipe off of which the Thieves essential oil blend is made. This blend is also used in the entire cleaning line created by Young Living.img_1633-1

It wasn’t long before one of my friends posted a science experiment that she did with her niece, which also won her the science fair. Check out the video here. In this experiment, my friend and her niece swabbed surfaces in the bathroom and applied to a petri dish. They then placed a small piece of paper in each dish – a control paper with nothing on it, a paper with bleach, one with lysol, and one with thieves cleaner. As you can see in the video, the results after 21 days are significantly different. The control looks as you would think. What surprised me was that the bleach and Lysol looked worse than the control. And the thieves cleaner dish looked significantly better than the control. Make sure you check out the video to see it all for yourself (you can also do a quick Google search to see a number of other similar experiments, all with similar results).


One of the (many) things I love about this cleaner is how concentrated it is. One – just one – capful of cleaner is used in a 16 oz bottle for an all-purpose cleaner, and the rest of the bottle is filled with water. To be honest, I use this very recipe for cleaning almost all of the surfaces in my home – even glass and stainless steel. I have seen many recipes add vinegar for a window and glass cleaner, but I have found that the thieves cleaner alone does a great job and leaves streak-free and clean glass. I have used this recipe in my kitchen, bathroom, living room, and floors. I bought a mop from Target that has a re-fillable container for cleaner, and I add a capful and a half of cleaner, a little bit of vinegar, and water. This has worked really well for cleaning my floors. It even (amazingly) cleaned my stainless steel trash can soooo well.




Because of the so small amount used in my cleaning recipes, a bottle of thieves cleaner can easily last me a year. The bottle is only $22 with my wholesale discount, and it replaces ALL of my household cleaners. My house smells AMAZING when I clean with this – much better than the chemical-filled aroma I used to have.

Perhaps one of the best things about this cleaner, though, is the fact that it is non-toxic and plant based. As I said, I use this cleaner on most of the surfaces in my home. I have two little ones running around on the daily, and it NEVER fails that as soon as I clean something they are all. up. in. it. I would have to shoo them away or keep them out of the room when I used the chemical and bleach based cleaners. Now, I’m not worried at all when I clean my coffee table and my almost 2-year-old puts his mouth on the table about 3 seconds later – yeah, that happens. Every. Time.img_1650-1

Because of my great love for this cleaner, I want to offer it to you for FREE. If you haven’t started switching your products to non-toxic and plant-based, there isn’t a better time than today. If you haven’t started using essential oils, today is the day. If you haven’t started using non-toxic skin care and make-up, make the switch – today. Young Living makes it SUPER easy with their Premium Starter Kits by packing over $300 worth of value into a starter kit for $160. The best part?? If you’re not into essential oils and just want to use the non-toxic products, there’s a Thieves Premium Starter Kit that comes with TWO bottles of this cleaner! On top of all of the goodies in all of the Premium kits, you also get a wholesale membership and access to the completely optional monthly wellness club I love so much called Essential Rewards (ER). Using ER, you can easily ditch your chemical filled products and switch to non-toxic and plant based a few at a time each month. ER only requires a minimum of 50 PV, which usually equates to about $50. We all EASILY spend $50 on products each month, so that’s a no brainer. But with ER, you earn points back to spend on free product and have access to tons of promos and discounted bundles, plus discounted shipping. Seriously, its like getting paid to shop. What other company PAYS you to shop?! There are sooo many reasons to be on ER. It’s the best way to take advantage of your new lifestyle.

When you’re ready to get in on this, click here to select your Premium Starter Kit and then send me an email at letting me know that you heard about it from my blog. I will add a credit to your new wholesale account for you to get a bottle of Thieves cleaner for free, simply as a thank you gift for joining my tribe. I will also send you a welcome packet of goodies, and you will have access to our private Facebook groups for support and community.


Whatever you do, I hope you at least start to consider the products you are keeping in your home. Start checking the labels on things or scanning them on ThinkDirty. Trust me – your body will thank you.

Keep on sparkling friends – Toxin free!



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