Product Spotlight: Mother Erth + Valentine’s Giveaway

Disclaimer: This post includes a giveaway sponsored by Mother Erth. Mother Erth is providing the product giveaway, but all opinions are my own. 

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably gathered by now that I am a crunchy mom. So naturally, I like brands that are focused on health and wellness, are natural, and/or are earth-friendly – but of course, I’ve always got to have some sparkle in my life. So when I came across Mother Erth on Instagram, I was definitely intrigued. The posts featured gorgeous bags and clutches with a unique woven design and bright colors.

Since discovering them on Instagram, I’ve been in contact with one of the founders and CEO of the company. I have learned so much about this amazing brand that I just knew I HAD to share it with you all.

About Mother Erth

Mother Erth has a mission to empower low-income moms in developing countries to earn a living and help provide for their families. Artisan mothers are paid fairly for their craft, and the pieces they create are born out of repurposed waste. Plastic and aluminum that consume landfills and do not break down are instead turned into beautiful accessories.

How It Works

It’s commonly understood that plastic does not break down. According to Mother Erth, factories often discard plastic food packaging that is defective. This would normally go to landfills, but local partners collect the discarded plastic and clean, cut and prepare it. The artisans are trained in how to use traditional hand-weaving to turn the strips of plastic into beautiful accessories.

The Bags

Everybody loves to be unique. We want to stand out, to be recognized as one-of-a-kind. That’s what’s great about the bags from Mother Erth. The colors of each bag are determined by the food or drink for which the packaging was intended; and each artisan has a unique style, so no matter what each bag will be unique. Each bag has a bold and beautiful look that is sure to grab attention, and having been made from plastic the bags are tough enough that you can use them for practically anything. As a mom, my bags have to be durable because not only am I carrying my personal items and some essential oils, I’ve also got a book, a planner, some snacks, a couple of diapers and wipes, and probably a couple of kids’ cups. I’ve definitely worn out a bag or two (and maybe a shoulder).

The Impact

Each bag prevents up to a pound of waste from clogging up landfills and oceans – each and every one. How cool is that?! In doing so, Mother Erth creates a net positive environmental impact. And in helping mothers in rural areas, they are able to work for an income without having to travel to find work. Artisans can work from their homes, reducing struggle and making a greater impact on poverty. I think this is really what sold me on this company. I have a heart for helping moms, so to see a company that cared to provide work for moms, reduce waste, AND create a beautiful and durable accessory was almost too good to be true.

I’m Sold – How Can I Get One?

To shop all of their products, you can go to their website to check out the many bags, clutches, dog carriers, and dog beds.

However, I am so excited to be partnering with Mother Erth to gift one lucky winner with one of their mini clutches (similar to the one pictured below) on Valentine’s Day. Want to win? There is no purchase necessary. Just follow these steps on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win our Valentine’s Giveaway!

  1. Follow me on Instagram
  2. Follow Mother Erth on Instagram
  3. Like this post AND Tag two friends in the comments who would love to win

Good luck to you and I hope you win!

Keep on sparkling, friends ❤



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