We all go through various seasons in life. Seasons of rest, seasons of struggle, seasons of change…We are always in one season or another, and each season has its own lessons to be learned and growth to be had.

We’ve been in a new season recently. I’ve had to take a step back from everything because of it, in order to avoid overwhelm and burn-out (not that I haven’t felt overwhelmed!). Over the past six months, we had been feeling that this was the time for us to sell our house. We weren’t sure whether we would buy or rent, the area we would live, none of the details that are typically asked when house-hunting. Because of it, we struggled a little bit as to the timing of everything and whether we should really move forward with listing our house. After some time of fasting and prayer, we knew that it was the right thing to do and started working hard to get things ready (You never really realize how much “stuff” you have until you start trying to get your house “realty ready”).

From that point on, things became a whirlwind. Working so hard to get the house ready had me constantly feeling tired, stressed, excited, nervous, and so many other emotions all at once. I didn’t have the energy emotionally for anything else other than keeping us all surviving, and preparing the house. It almost felt like cramming for a test. For two weeks straight, we did nothing but work during our “spare” time. Our HOA took care of the lawncare in our neighborhood, so we had determined that we would list the house after one of the dates that the lawncare was done so that even the outside would look fresh in the listing photos. The NIGHT BEFORE the listing photos we were touching up trim paint in the living room.

After the listing photos were taken, there was a small reprieve. Two or three days of keeping the house at status quo (read: spotless). I basically followed my kids around and cleaned up crumbs non-stop…ha!

The listing went live that Friday at noon. Within 30 minutes, we had requests for showings, and by the end of the day had five showings and five offers. We had five more showings Saturday, and one on Sunday. We ended the weekend with a total of ten offers; the majority of those offers were at or over asking price. We were FLOORED.

We didn’t have a big fancy house. We had a small townhouse. We bought it as a foreclosure/fixer-upper and put our personal touch to it. When it was time to move, I never expected anybody to want our house that much. I was completely in awe at God’s goodness.

The offer we ended up accepting was by far the best offer. It was not the highest offer, but it was the best – one of the benefits being that the buyer was allowing us to stay in the house until we find our new home.

I completely, 100% believe that it was orchestrated by God. Because now we are in a weird season of waiting, a season of transition. A season where we have no idea what is going to happen next, and we are relying on and trusting God to work things out.

It’s been hard on me at times. I am “type A” – I like to have my ducks in a row. I like to know the details and plan it all out. So when God (repeatedly throughout my life) asks me to let go and let Him handle it, it’s hard on me. But through it, He reminds me that I’m not in control and that my ways are not His ways. He’s got this and I have to trust Him. When I look at the options and the possibilities, I get stressed and anxious. I have to constantly remind myself to look to Him and fix my eyes on Him.

A friend of mine told me the other day to trust God to do His part, and focus on doing my part. My part is to trust Him, to worship Him, to glorify Him. His part is…everything else. And though it’s SUPER hard sometimes, I know I’m growing and maturing through it. I know He is teaching me things. And I know that in this season of waiting and trusting that He is moving on our behalf – whatever that looks like.

Here’s to the plans He has for us. I can’t wait to see what they are.

Keep on sparkling.



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