Welcome! I’m Kate – a wife, a mom, and a Jesus lover. I’m here just trying to do the best for myself and my family, trying to live a healthier and natural lifestyle. We’ve mostly cut the toxins from our home, we try to eat clean, and we try to use natural health remedies as much as possible. I believe that our bodies and this earth were created with everything that we need for health and wellness in life (I am not anti-medicine. Rather, I think it’s better to support our bodies and our health and save the medicine for when it is really needed). As our family has been on this journey of health & wellness, I have developed a passion for sharing what I have learned with others.

So, why “Sparkle and Sage?” Because I’m kind of an oxymoron. I am a silky mom turned crunchy. I’m all about convenience but love to do DIY stuff…when I have time. I love being organized but hardly ever am. I love all things sparkly. It just seemed fitting!

My wellness journey truly started in 2015 when I joined Young Living as a member and began using essential oils to support various body systems and to naturally make my house smell fresh and clean. Since then, I’ve slowly eliminated toxins in my home and we’ve begun eating healthier and living a more naturally based lifestyle. It’s a journey and I’m always learning, I’m never “there.” So don’t be discouraged if you’re just beginning. It is a process and a journey and there is always more to learn, always more to do. I’m here to share what I’ve learned in a relatable way and encourage you to do your own research and begin your journey.

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